Development opportunities are fast becoming the number one factor in talent attraction as more and more people enter the workplace who are keen to utilise all their skills, and progress from team member to management by nurturing their talents and putting them to use to help business growth.

Organisations that don’t have clear policies and procedures in place to attract and retain team members find themselves competing for talent on salary alone which is neither cost-effective or motivational.


Not always the most engaging topics for staff but vital to a business’s success.

We find that when key team members understand exactly how risk assessment can help them stay safe in their specific workplace and how embracing Health & Safety procedures can improve workplace environment and culture staying compliant becomes a simple and effective process.


Does your workforce reflect your local community and your customers?

Do some employees put your business at risk?

Are outdated ideas affecting morale and talent attraction?

It is vital that you ensure your organisation is a diverse and welcoming environment for all. We can help with new staff member integration, keeping your team and policies updated and advise on any commercial investments you may need to make to ensure your premises are inclusive.


How do you currently identify gaps in performance, skills or knowledge?

How do you encourage others to improve?

What do you need people to do better or more of?

We can design and deliver focused training sessions or mentoring schemes that ensure your staff get the skills they need to progress at a sustainable rate for them and your business.


Very often we promote people to management positions because they are good at their current role. This is a solid strategy, the staff that have been with your organisation the longest and have worked at the most levels are likely to be the most passionate about your business success. 

However, without the correct support and training in a new role, managers can quickly become isolated and lose the confidence they once had and ultimately the reason you gave them the new position.  

We can help ensure your managers know how to reward and discipline their team effectively all while completing the key tasks their new role requires.


We understand that, whilst legislation and laws are uniform, no two organisations work in exactly the same way.

To support and champion differences in ways of working we offer a selection of ways of working with you.

We are available for one-off jobs where you may just need some advice or guidance through a specific issue.

You can work with us on a pay-as-you-go basis where we are on-call as and when you need.

Or, you can set up a contract with us where we commit to spending a certain amount of time on site with you and your team. This is by far the most popular package we offer. Businesses that cannot justify their own HR department find its still important for their team to have a visible HR presence, regardless of whether there is an issue to resolve or it’s just another day in the office!

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