It’s often said that the best day in any job is the first one and you make the most meaningful connections with your management team at interview stage.

Whilst this can be interpreted as sarcasm it’s also reflected in HR trends that the quality of an interview and induction process sets the tone for an employees entire journey with a company – therefor its vital for the success of any business that these things are done well.


For any business to thrive it’s vital that you are attracting the right people.

The recruitment process can be costly and time-consuming. If the end result is that you haven’t found the right person for your organisation it can cause problems for you as a business owner but can also reduce the effectiveness of your management team’s strategies and the morale of your whole team.

We can support you through every aspect of the recruitment process, including interviews, to ensure you get the right people the first time.


Do you have a consistent method of getting people knowledgeable about their role and responsibilities as quickly and thoroughly as possible?

Do new employees immediately understand the goals and culture of the organisation, and how their role is connected to achieving them?

Are health and safety requirements fully explained on the first day of work?

Do you use probationary periods properly and effectively?

If the answer to any of these questions is anything other than a resounding “yes” get in touch and we can help you be compliant with HR procedures and legislation and, most importantly, use them to your advantage.


We understand that, whilst legislation and laws are uniform, no two organisations work in exactly the same way.

To support and champion differences in ways of working we offer a selection of ways of working with you.

We are available for one-off jobs where you may just need some advice or guidance through a specific issue.

You can work with us on a pay-as-you-go basis where we are on-call as and when you need.

Or, you can set up a contract with us where we commit to spending a certain amount of time on site with you and your team. This is by far the most popular package we offer. Businesses that cannot justify their own HR department find its still important for their team to have a visible HR presence, regardless of whether there is an issue to resolve or it's just another day in the office!

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