You have built a business you are proud of and a team to match. You are keen to retain the talent within your business and champion staff exploring their own professional development. You look forward to using your team’s skills to move your business forward and hope you can all grow together.

However, you may find, at times, not everyone in your business shares this ethos and you need to discover new and effective ways to communicate with your staff or remove people from your team with minimal disruption.

If you find you are in this situation we can help.


How do you currently find out what your employees think across key issues?

How do you record progress?

How do you prioritise on issues that affect your staff?

How do you know if your managers are managing people effectively?

How do you identify weak spots?

These are the things we focus on when developing a plan to help you gather vital information about how your team see their roles within your organisation.


Does everyone who works for you understand how they, individually, affect the company’s level of profit and are they proactively looking for ways to increase revenue?

Does everyone understand the consequences of failure to achieve targets and objectives?

Is everybody customer-focused?

We can help you put in place clear strategies that ensure your staff know exactly what you expect from them and how they fit into the business model.


With the best talent attraction process known to man and a team that is supportive and enthusiastic about every twist and turn your business takes there will always be moments when people need to move on.

We focus on two main aspects of staff exiting an organisation.

We ensure the process is swift and impacts the business and the rest of the team as little as possible.

We learn from the process by capturing and analysing information about why the member of staff is exiting the organisation.


Businesses go through many changes and sometimes these development mean staff members cannot continue their journey within an organisation.

It’s at this point that you need to start looking at putting redundancy packages together.

We can help you put together packages and strategies that ensure redundancies are administrated professionally and in a timely manner causing minimal disruption to your organisation and budget.


We understand that, whilst legislation and laws are uniform, no two organisations work in exactly the same way.

To support and champion differences in ways of working we offer a selection of ways of working with you.

We are available for one-off jobs where you may just need some advice or guidance through a specific issue.

You can work with us on a pay-as-you-go basis where we are on-call as and when you need.

Or, you can set up a contract with us where we commit to spending a certain amount of time on site with you and your team. This is by far the most popular package we offer. Businesses that cannot justify their own HR department find its still important for their team to have a visible HR presence, regardless of whether there is an issue to resolve or it’s just another day in the office!

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